COVID-19 Update 4/24/2020

Social Distancing Still Recommended

We realize that the recommendations concerning quarantine during the COVID pandemic are now in flux, but we want our patients to know that the medical community as a whole, including Piedmont Pediatrics, continues to recommend social distancing and avoidance of group contact, so we advise that you avoid play dates and public places where social distancing isn’t possible.  


Many of you have asked about masks and here are a couple of links with great information: 

Well Checks

We are continuing to do ONLY well child checkups during our morning/before-lunch hours.   All sick visits will be seen In the afternoon shift, but we can also accommodate well checks in the afternoon as well if that works better for your family’s schedule.

We have been diligently cleaning, and re-cleaning, our office and we have extensive measures in place to maintain social distancing within the office.  We want you all to feel comfortable coming into our office, and we believe it is safe to do so. 

That being said, we are so excited to report that our new telemedicine option has been going so well!! It’s been exciting to learn this new approach, and we find it has been an enormous WIN-WIN for all of us!  Obviously, not all appointments or complaints/sicknesses can be appropriately addressed over telemed video appointments, but many can, such as: rashes, pink eye without fever, seasonal allergies, behavioral concerns, feeding and sleeping schedule consultations, some injuries, thrush, blocked tear ducts, ADHD medication rechecks, anxiety and depression rechecks, and more.

Just call our phone nurses and they can help figure out if a telemed appt can work for your (child’s) concern. When appropriate, these appts can also be scheduled on the weekends and weekday after-hours with the doctor on call.