To better assist you, Piedmont Pediatrics has a new Auto Pay Procedure as of October 1st.  
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  • Annual Administrative Fee (AAF)

    Piedmont Pediatrics is committed to providing you with exceptional care.  As you know, many changes have taken place In the healthcare industry.  Amongst these changes is the rise in administrative costs of operating a doctor’s office.  Services that were once covered by insurance are now either partially covered, covered under certain medical necessity or not covered.  We want to continue to provide the highest quality of medical care to our families, but unfortunately, this includes providing services that your insurance company no longer covers.  Over the past several years, Piedmont Pediatrics has absorbed the cost of these non-covered services.  In the current environment, this has become unsustainable.

    After much consideration, Piedmont Pediatrics finds it necessary to charge an Annual Administrative Fee (AAF) of $20.00 per patient with a minimum of $50.00 per family with three or more children.  This fee is intended to help cover services such as maintaining medical records, prior-authorization, completion of immunization records, school forms, sports forms, FMLA forms, daycare forms, insurance filings and applications, email correspondences, etc.  Your insurance company will not cover the annual administrative fee or any of these services.  Your out-of-pocket expenses will be lower by charging an annual administrative fee then charging you for individual services.

    All patients who are up to date with their annual administrative fee will allow our staff to provide you with consistent, efficient, timely patient correspondence, medical record maintenance, and completion of forms throughout the year.  You may speak with a receptionist to pay your annual administrative fee (AAF).


  • Forms Request Policy

    Due to the extremely large volume of requests for medical records, hearing, vision, immunization records, school, sport, and camp forms, it has become necessary to implement a written policy for such requests. You may request any of the above-listed forms to be completed for your child by calling our office at 404-351-6662, faxing us a written request at (404) 793-0477, email us at medical.records@piedmontpediatrics.org, or requesting at your office visit.

    Forms are completed on a ‘first in/first out’ basis. Please allow 5 business days for your request to be completed. We make every effort to complete these forms as quickly as possible. Due to the heavy volume of requests during back-to-school months, processing times may be longer. Please plan ahead!!

    Parents MUST complete all information on the forms that they have knowledge of (i.e. demographics, health history, etc.), and MUST sign and date their portion of the form. Incomplete forms may delay the processing of your forms.

  • Prescription Refill Policy

    Prescriptions can be refilled on the same day if received by our office by 4pm. You may print a copy of our refill request form and fax it to our office. It is very important that you include the name of the medication, strength, dose the child takes, and the frequency with which it is taken, as well as the pharmacy name and phone number. For asthma medicine, please specify the delivery method (such as nebulizer, metered dose inhaler, etc.) Failure to provide this information may cause a delay in filling the prescription.

    ADD medications cannot be phoned in to a pharmacy. You must present an original prescription to the pharmacist. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours’ notice for a refill on ADD medication in order to allow the staff to obtain the patient’s chart and the doctor to write the prescription. Prescriptions will be left in our nurse’s triage department for pick up or can be mailed if you have provided us with self-addressed stamped envelopes.

  • ADHD Medication Refill Policy

    \ADD/ADHD medications, both brand and their generic equivalents, are classified as Schedule II Controlled Substances.  These medications are federally controlled by the DEA and the FDA, which means a written prescription is required for each refill.   Refills cannot be called or faxed to a pharmacy.  Likewise, the pharmacy cannot call your doctor to get approval for your ADD/ADHD medication refills.

    Please follow the following procedure when your child needs a refill of these medications:

    Prescription Pick Up

    • If picking up a prescription, please call during business hours Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  It is advised to request your refill at least 2 days before you run out of medication.  You can assume the refill will be ready for pick up 48 hours after you call.  You may call our office at 404-351-6662 and press option 4 for prescription refills.  When you call for your refill, please make sure to request that the prescription is for pick up and leave the patient’s name, date of birth, name, and strength of medication and a contact number.  You may also leave the name of your primary physician.   Prescriptions can be picked up during business hours Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


    Mailed Prescriptions

    • If you choose to have your prescription mailed, you will need to provide us with self-addressed stamped envelopes before you request the refill.  The refill request MUST be made at least 10 days before you need the prescription to allow time to prepare, mail and receive the prescription.  When you call for your refill, please make sure you request for the prescription to be mailed, and confirm the address.  Also, please leave the patient’s name, date of birth, name and strength of the medication, and a contact number.  You may also leave the name of your primary physician.  Prescriptions are mailed during business hours Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


    Please note: Although we are aware mail can be lost by the U.S. Postal Service in some occasions, after two unsuccessful deliveries of your prescription, all future prescriptions must be picked up.  No exceptions.

    We appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines.  Please feel free to contact the office with any additional questions.


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